Throat of These Hours

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Marian Evans   from The Speed of Darkness 13 My night awake staring at the broad rough jewel the copper roof across the way thinking of the poet yet unborn in this dark who will be the throat of these hours. No.    Of those hours. Who will speak these days, if not I, if not you? Throat of These Hours is two plays, one for stage and one for radio. Both now in second draft, they have long-ago beginnings, when a lover gave me a photocopy of The Speed of Darkness. I don’t [...]

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Thoughts on “Searching/Not Searching: Writing the Biography of Muriel Rukeyser”

Posted on June 15, 2012 by Elisabeth Däumer I just read Kate Daniels' piece "Searching/Not Searching: Writing the Biography of Muriel Rukeyser" (Poetry East 16-17, Spring/Summer 1985, pp. 70-93). It's a great essay! One of the most honest essays I have read about Muriel Rukeyser. Daniels reflects upon the curious desire to write the life of somebody else--what draws us to that task, what is it we are looking for, what do we see, what do we not see, and why. She asserts that "the biographical method is a self-reflexive one, depending as much on the character and experience of [...]

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