Houdini Poetry Workshop

The poetry prompts and Poetry Drafting Workshop were developed by David Boeving, an instructor at Eastern Michigan University, in preparation for an YpsiWrites Poetry Wall. The poetry wall was displayed at EMU's Halle Library and at Ypsilanti's Riverside Arts Center, where Rukeyser's play Houdini was performed on Thursday, March 24, 2022. YpsiWrites is a community-focused writing organization which supports writers in the Ypsilanti community through writing-focused workshops, events, resources, and activities. Boeving-Houdini-Poetry-Prompts-1Download Boeving-Houdini-Poetry-Challenge-Drafting-WorkshopDownload

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Eric Keenaghan, Total Imaginative Response: Five Undergraduate Studies from “The Lives of Muriel Rukeyser”

I do and I do. Life and this under-war. Deep under protest, make. For we are makers more. —Muriel Rukeyser, “Breaking Open” (Collected Poems 527) How should one approach Muriel Rukeyser’s vast body of work and multifaceted life? My first inclination is through her role as poet,one of the few identity categories she embraced, uncritically, alongside those of “American,” “woman,” and, after the birth of her son in 1947, “mother.” But given pervasive misconceptions about poetry’s apolitical or antipolitical nature, and given the variety of forms Rukeyser explored over her long career, even that identity seems too limiting. Other forms of [...]

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