Published in Houdini (2002)

     I love using what I’ve got
     Love not being what I’m not—
After a long time of one kind of living,
And it was all right, it was really partly good,
Full of one-sided things,
And disturbing . . . and absorbing . . . almost
     Every day . . . 
Then the new life came along, bringing
The joy of reaching, of stretching, of being
This is another place, this is another way,
The ecstasy of a woman detective—
And what I detect, what I really find
Is your body-and-mind and your life and my
     Life and
My body-and-mind;
The joy of being me, a detective,
The joy of thinking new, like being
     Unbelievably bare,
Finding something of myself that has never
     Been aware—
The ecstasy of feeling for what’s there!