About our Staff

This website is the brain child of Elisabeth Däumer, Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at Eastern Michigan University.

Adam Nannini is responsible for the design and infrastructure. He is a self-taught web designer who graduated with a B.A. from EMU’s Language, Literature and Writing program, with a double minor in Creative Writing and History.

Chelsea Lonsdale, a graduate student in EMU’s composition program, joined our team in winter 2012 and prepared a contextual essay for “Breaking Open.” She received her M.A. in Written Communication in 2014.

 Alice Thomsen joined the staff in fall of 2012 and contributed a needed scientific dimension to the website. A student in EMU’s undergraduate creative writing and psychology programs, Alice prepared footnoted versions of Rukeyser’s poems, among them her poem on Willard Gibbs. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Creative Writing at Ball State University.

Pat Mullarkey  joined the staff in the winter 2012-13 to help organize the Muriel Rukeyser Centenary Symposium. In 2013, She received her M.A. in Children’s Literature and now lives in Tarragona, Spain.

Megan Hope Smith joined our team for the summer of 2014 as web administrator and social media manager. She received her B.A. in English Language, Literature, and Writing with a minor in Psychology at Eastern Michigan University in 2012. Megan is currently employed at the Burger School of Students with Autism.

Adam Mitts joined the team in January 2014 to continue the work of website management and research into Rukeyser’s writings. He is currently studying Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University.



Arica Picture

Arica Frisbey joined the team in September 2016 to continue the work of social media and website management, with a focus on blogging as a millennial female poet encountering Rukeyser. She will also be researching Rukeyser and her relationship with other female poets, be it her contemporaries or predecessors.

She is currently studying Language, Literature and Writing at Eastern Michigan University.